Reference: 079-220

Brand: Shelly

Shelly 1 for Apple HomeKit

Shelly 1 is a miniature WiFi switch with firmware for control within the Apple HomeKit, which, thanks to its size, can easily be installed under a switch or socket in a deeper enclosure.

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Reference: 012-032

Brand: Crypto services s.r.o.

Aluminum frame for mining rig

Attention !! Free shipping over $ 200 does not apply to these designs. Lightweight aluminum frame for 6 - 8 graphics cards, which has a source holder on each side and mounting holes in the middle for mounting an ATX-type motherboard. The frame is ready for modular expansion (can be stacked on top of each other), so it is space-saving, but it is also...

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Reference: 080-243

Brand: Shelly

Shelly 2.5 for Apple HomeKit

Shelly 2.5 has many uses, either as a double switch for appliances or lights, or for controlling shutters with DC or AC power. With such small dimensions it is a handy helper that easily hides in a smaller space. It can be operated manually or automatically via Apple HomeKit.

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Shelly RGBW2


Control your colored LED strip in the kitchen or in the aquarium easily via the mobile app. RGBW2 shells are easy to connect just like any other LED controller. Supports all white, RGB, RGBW LED strips with 12 / 24V power up to 288W.

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Shelly RGBW2

Shelly RGBW LED switching module

The Shelly RGBW switch is a module for controlling up to four RGBW tapes. Its main advantage is that you will be able to control the lighting directly from your mobile device. Shelly RGBW connects like a standard LED driver and supports all white, RGB, RGBW LED strips with a power supply of 12/24 V with a power of up to 288 W. The switching module can be controlled via the free mobile application Shelly Cloud. The switching module allows you to change the color, dim or activate predefined effects. Shelly RGBW automatically monitors the sunrise and sunset and controls the lighting accordingly.

  • WiFi: The Shelly RGBW switch needs no central element to communicate and will connect directly to WiFi.
  • Remote control: Use the mobile app to control compatible home equipment.
  • Compatibility : The module supports advanced Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant smart assistants.
  • Different voltage support: RGBW shells can be used with virtually any LED strip (12V or 24V). And of course it also supports LED bulbs with an output power of up to 288 W.
  • Timer: The integrated timer can be easily set to automatically turn off the lights on.
  • Weekly scheduling option: The Shelly RGBW switch can be programmed to turn lights on or off in your home at a time of your choice.
  • Application language: In English, Czech, German, Slovak

Shelly RGBW allows you to control up to 4 tapes

The simple Shelly RGBW controller makes it very easy to start controlling LED strips or light bulbs.

Clear mobile app

In addition to the Shelly RGBW switching module, you also get a clear mobile application with comprehensive function supervision. However, there is also a web interface for direct access to the switch, including the ability to install firmware updates.

Easy RGBW assembly

The physical installation of the Shelly RGBW switch itself and subsequent connection to the network is extremely easy and takes only a few minutes.

Shelly RGBW can control lights

Comprehensive lighting control is the first step to a smart home. The LED strips can be controlled with a Shelly RGBW switch by mobile phone or voice using Amazon Alex or Google Assistant.

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Shelly 2.5

Shelly 2.5 has many uses, either as a double switch for appliances or lights, or for controlling garage doors or shutters with DC or AC power. With such small dimensions it is a handy helper that easily hides in a smaller space. Operate automatically, manually or via the mobile app.

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Shelly Dimmer 2

Control a wide range of halogen lights, dimmable LEDs and ferromagnetic transformers from anywhere with the world's smallest WiFi dimmer.

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Shelly RGBW2 pro Apple HomeKit

Ovládejte svůj barevný led pásek v kuchyni nebo v třeba v akváriu snadno přes mobilní aplikaci. Shelly RGBW 2 se připojuje snadno jako každý jiný LED kontrolér. Podporuje všechny bílé, RGB, RGBW LED pásky s napájením 12/ 24 V s výkonem do 288 W. Výhodou je dostupná cena a možnost ovládat skrze Apple HomeKit a hlasovou asistentku SIRI.

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