Reference: 079-220

Brand: Shelly

Shelly 1 for Apple HomeKit

Shelly 1 is a miniature WiFi switch with firmware for control within the Apple HomeKit, which, thanks to its size, can easily be installed under a switch or socket in a deeper enclosure.

Price CZK499

Reference: 012-032

Brand: Crypto services s.r.o.

Aluminum frame for mining rig

Attention !! Free shipping over $ 200 does not apply to these designs. Lightweight aluminum frame for 6 - 8 graphics cards, which has a source holder on each side and mounting holes in the middle for mounting an ATX-type motherboard. The frame is ready for modular expansion (can be stacked on top of each other), so it is space-saving, but it is also...

Price CZK1,399 Regular price CZK1,699

Reference: 080-243

Brand: Shelly

Shelly 2.5 for Apple HomeKit

Shelly 2.5 has many uses, either as a double switch for appliances or lights, or for controlling shutters with DC or AC power. With such small dimensions it is a handy helper that easily hides in a smaller space. It can be operated manually or automatically via Apple HomeKit.

Price CZK879

Reference: 012-040

Start button + 2x LED

Start button with two LEDs. Easy to setup, just connect the cable into the motherboard, and you can switch on power or reset the motherboard.

Price CZK39
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NETATMO Sensors for Open Window and Door Detection


Receive a warning before an intrusion occurs. Act before the burglar breaks in. Your Intelligent Open Window and Door Detection Sensors inform you before intrusion occurs. They are placed on doors and windows of your choice and capture any movement or vibration that indicates that someone is trying to open them. They also detect sudden opening of doors or windows. In this case, you will immediately receive a notification on your smartphone. In case of an attempted burglary you will gain valuable time!

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Possibility to return undamaged goods within 14 days


NETATMO Sensors for Open Window and Door Detection

Smart window and door sensors for more secure home security

One-piece door and window sensors Netatmo Smart Door and Window Sensors with vibration and motion detection thoroughly protect your home from thieves. If a window or door is opened unauthorized, you will immediately receive a notification on your smartphone or tablet, so you can act quickly before a burglary occurs.

The sensors only work with the Netatmo Smart Indoor (Welcome) camera. A maximum of 12 sensors per camera are supported.

Key features:

  • Security sensor for the Netatmo Welcome camera
  • Vibration, motion, and open / close detection
  • Mobile applications (Android, iOS)
  • Send intrusion notifications
  • Waterproof construction
  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with IFTTT
  • 3 pieces per pack
  • Power: 2 × AAA batteries (6 included)
  • Netatmo Smart Door and Window Sensors

Easy installation

The installation of Netatmo Smart Door and Window Sensors can be done by anyone, you just need to stick it with a strong adhesive tape on any door or window, regardless of their shape, and you're done. Thanks to the waterproof design and signal range of up to 80 meters, you can place smart sensors on interior and exterior doors, windows or entrance gates.

Remote sensor status monitoring

After pairing the sensors with the mobile application, you can easily check remotely that all the windows or doors in the home are closed. You can also set up notifications if windows or doors are open too long.

Product Details

Data sheet

Power supply
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Reference: 059-269


NETATMO Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostat used to control the heating in the house, with placement on the boiler, WiFi, compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, powered by batteries, control via the application on Android, Windows and iOS in Czech and English.

Price CZK4,799
Not in stock

Reference: 047-276


Netatmo Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Surely you want to provide the healthiest home for your family. With Smart Air Quality Sensor in Netatmo Interior you will know how to do it. Whether it is the optimum noise level for a good sleep or the right level of air humidity for an asthmatic child, the Air Quality Sensor measures everything important, draws attention to possible problems and tells...

Price CZK3,199

Reference: 047-277


NETATMO Smart Home Weather Station

Weather station smart, with weather forecast, wireless sensor and add-on module, on the table, mains powered, measurement, indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, CO2, noise, supported OS: Android and iOS, compatible with Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa, application in English.

Price CZK4,999
Not in stock

Reference: 047-281


NETATMO Rain Gauge

Add-on module to the weather station - rain gauge, measuring range 0.2mm / hour - 120mm / h, accuracy 1mm / h, tilting measuring cup, range up to 100m, compatibility with iOS / Android, Wi-Fi, USB, 2x AAA, central netatmo unit required.

Price CZK2,149

Reference: 047-282


NETATMO Smart Anemometer

The Netatmo Anemometer is an add-on module for a weather station that transmits wind speed and direction around your home in the range of 0 - 45 m / s. Set a warning if the wind reaches a certain speed. Use more precise "feel" temperature data in your application. The range is up to 100 m, powered by 4x AA batteries and is compatible with iOS / Android...

Price CZK2,899
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Legrand bezdrátový ovladač béžový, Valena Life With Netatmo

Bezdrátový ovladač. Možnost ovládání až 20 datových přístrojů. Vhodný pro spínače, zásuvky, mobilní zásuvkové adaptéry, kabelové výstupy a mikromoduly pro osvětlení. Součástí rámeček. Vypínač pro osvětlení, funguje s Přes centrální jednotku, kompatibilní s Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant a Amazon Alexa, připojení: ZigBee, funguje s Android a iOS, aplikace...

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Tesla Smart Camera 360

IP kamera vnitřní, detekce pohybu, detekce zvuku, ONVIF, vestavěný mikrofon, vestavěný reproduktor, cloud platforma a obousměrný zvuk, s rozlišením 1920 × 1080 px, zorný úhel 355 °, rotace, noční vidění s max. dosvitem 10 m, slot pro MicroSD kartu max. 128 GB, kompatibilní s Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa a Tuya, připojení přes WiFi, aplikace pro Android...

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Somfy interiérová kamera

IP kamera s rozlišením 1080p Full HD, širokoúhlý objektiv 130°, 8x digitální zoom, s WiFi, zabudovaný mikrofon a reproduktor, po připojení do aplikace Somfy Protect (iOS/Android) ukládá videa při detekci pohybu, kompatibilní s Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit a IFTTT.

Cena 3 999 Kč
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Kód: 187-737

Značka: Vocolinc

VOCOlinc Smart Indoor Camera VC1 Opto

IP kamera vnitřní, detekce pohybu, vestavěný mikrofon, vestavěný reproduktor a detekce obličeje, s rozlišením 1920 × 1080 px, zorný úhel 107 °, rotace, noční vidění s max. dosvitem 6 m, kompatibilní s Apple HomeKit, připojení přes WiFi, aplikace pro iOS v češtině a v angličtině, napájení Ze sítě.

Cena 1 199 Kč

Kód: 187-1212

Značka: Immax

Immax NEO LITE Smart Security Venkovní kamera Solar Racket solární

IP kamera venkovní, digitální zoom, detekce pohybu, cloud platforma, odpojení od sítě a obousměrný zvuk, s rozlišením 1920 × 1200 px, zorný úhel 70 °, noční vidění s max. dosvitem 30 m, slot pro MicroSD kartu max. 64000 MB, kompatibilní s Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Tuya a Lidl, připojení přes WiFi, aplikace pro Android a iOS v češtině a v angličtině

Cena 3 139 Kč