Where can I find the manual?


Password to add to Homekit

In newer firmware we use the password 094-14-037.

Previously, we used the passwords 021-82-017, or 111-11-111.

The device looks dead, the button does not work, LED dont flash

It is necessary to perform the initial setup of the device, see manual on https://www.voltio.cz/manual/.

Setup mode and reset

1) Turn off the WiFi to which the device was connected.

2) Press the button/switch 10 times in quick succession, or connect the device to the mains, disconnect and reconnect within 3 seconds.

3) Connect to WiFi with SSID "Voltio-XXXXXX".
    Old FW: After a while, the "Network connection" notification will appear, after tapping the notification, you will enter the setting mode.
    New FW: Open browser and write address:

4) If you want to completely reset the device, in the settings mode, select the "Remove WiFi settings" option and click "Save and connect". After that, reconnect to WiFi with the SSID "Voltio-XXXXXX", select the option "Reset Homekit ID" and click on "Save and connect".

If you skip point 1, the device will connect to the set WiFi and you can connect to it using a web browser and its IP address, which needs to be traced via the IP scanner.

After connecting to Voltio WiFi, the settings will not be displayed

Old FW: The setting screen is displayed by tapping the "Network Login" notification, which screen within about five seconds after connecting to WiFi with the Voltio-XXXXXX SSID. It rarely happens on some mobile devices that the notification takes place after a longer period of time, or does not take place at all. Unfortunately, we still don't know exactly what caused this, but it is usually enough to use another mobile device.

New FW: Open browser and write address:

Does Homekit firmware work with the official application, Google Home, or Amazon Alexa?

No, unofficial firmware only works with Apple Homekit. If you want to use the device on multiple platforms, you must use a hub, such as Home Assistant.

Where can I find an invoice?

You can download the invoice at https://www.voltio.cz/en/order-history.

If it is an order without registration, there is a link "Tracking for visitors" in the confirmation email, under which you will find the invoice.

Invoice and payment without VAT within the EU

When adding an address, enter a valid VAT number. VAT is then deducted automatically.

Complaints Procedure

Complaints procedure can be found here: https://www.voltio.cz/cs/content/8-reklamacni-rad