Reference: 079-220

Brand: Shelly

Shelly 1 for Apple HomeKit

Shelly 1 is a miniature WiFi switch with firmware for control within the Apple HomeKit, which, thanks to its size, can easily be installed under a switch or socket in a deeper enclosure.

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Reference: 012-032

Brand: Crypto services s.r.o.

Aluminum frame for mining rig

Attention !! Free shipping over $ 200 does not apply to these designs. Lightweight aluminum frame for 6 - 8 graphics cards, which has a source holder on each side and mounting holes in the middle for mounting an ATX-type motherboard. The frame is ready for modular expansion (can be stacked on top of each other), so it is space-saving, but it is also...

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Reference: 080-243

Brand: Shelly

Shelly 2.5 for Apple HomeKit

Shelly 2.5 has many uses, either as a double switch for appliances or lights, or for controlling shutters with DC or AC power. With such small dimensions it is a handy helper that easily hides in a smaller space. It can be operated manually or automatically via Apple HomeKit.

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Meross Thermostat Valve Apple HomeKit


Thermostatic head smart, used to control the heating in the house, placed on the radiator, compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, powered by batteries, daily programming, connection via WiFi 2 ,4 GHz, operation Via central unit, compatible with valves type RA, RAV, RAVL, M30 and M28, control via app on Android and iOS in English

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Meross Thermostat Valve Apple HomeKit

The intelligent thermostatic head Meross Smart Thermostat Valve allows you to control the heating of the home from anywhere using a mobile application. The device increases heating efficiency and saves you energy costs. The thermostat has a number of smart functions, such as automatic scheduling, open window detection, and support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants. Integration into the Apple HomeKit smart home system is also possible.

Key Features of Meross Smart Thermostat Valve

  • Smart thermostat for remote heating control
  • Digital backlit display
  • Open window detection function
  • Automatic scheduling option
  • Connection with mobile application (iOS, Android)
  • Support for voice assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant + certification for Apple HomeKit
  • Compatible with the IFTTT protocol
  • Power: 2x AA batteries (not included)
  • Connector type: M30 × 1.5

Meross Smart Thermostat Valve Starter Kit Easy to Install

The Meross Smart Thermostat Valve Starter Kit replaces conventional radiator thermostats equipped with an M30 × 1.5 connector (adapters for danfoss connectors are included).

Practical open window detection function

This intelligent function automatically switches off the heating when an open window is detected, so that there is no unnecessary waste of energy.

Individual control of the thermostatic head

For perfect comfort, the maintained temperature can be set separately in each room. For example, a bedroom typically doesn't need as much heat as a bathroom. Thanks to this, it is easy to save significant financial costs when billing.

Mobile application

After pairing the device with a mobile phone, intuitive remote control of the Meross Smart Thermostat Valve Starter Kit is ensured, with the possibility of adjusting the temperature or creating a time schedule.


Using the mobile application, you can easily create a detailed time schedule for automatic heating control for a specific day and hour., So you can easily manage energy consumption effectively with Meross Smart Thermostat Valve.

Meross Smart supports voice control

The thermostat is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants. It also works with Apple HomeKit and SmartThings at the same time. Using various smart devices, you can also control the temperature using your voice.

Product Details

Data sheet

Apple HomeKit
Google Assistant
Amazon Alexa
Requires central unity
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Meross Smart Thermostat Valve Starter Kit

Thermostatic head smart, used to control the heating in the house, placed on the radiator, compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Samsung SmartThings, powered by batteries, connected via WiFi, control via the app on Android and iOS in English

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Wi-Fi operated thermostatic radiator valve. Highly efficient heating management to save on energy bills. 6500 mAh rechargeable battery, estimated 2 years battery life. Wide range of temperature control, from 5°C to 30°C. You can replace your old thermostatic valve with Shelly TRV in less than 2 minutes and be able to control it no matter where you are....

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Meross Smart Thermostat Valve

Thermostatic head smart, used to control the heating in the house, placed on the radiator, powered by batteries, connection via WiFi, control via the application on Android and iOS in English

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Sonoff TH10 for Apple HomeKit

Sonoff TH10 is a switch that can monitor and adjust the temperature via Apple HomeKit. The Sonoff TH supports output switching of up to 10 A.Supports a preset temperature range when the ambient temperature drops or rises to the set range, automatically turns on or off the connected device. TH10 for Apple HomeKit is only compatible with Si7021 and DS18B20...

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Reference: 059-1313

Brand: Sonoff


SONOFF TH Elite is an intelligent switch for real-time temperature and humidity monitoring. Maximum load 20A. Support for Si7021, AM2301, DS18B20, MS01 sensors. Temperature and humidity record 6 months back. Possibility to export temperatures and humidity to .xlsx format. Voltage and potential-free contact switching.

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