Reference: 079-220

Brand: Shelly

Shelly 1 for Apple HomeKit

Shelly 1 is a miniature WiFi switch with firmware for control within the Apple HomeKit, which, thanks to its size, can easily be installed under a switch or socket in a deeper enclosure.

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Reference: 012-032

Brand: Crypto services s.r.o.

Aluminum frame for mining rig

Attention !! Free shipping over $ 200 does not apply to these designs. Lightweight aluminum frame for 6 - 8 graphics cards, which has a source holder on each side and mounting holes in the middle for mounting an ATX-type motherboard. The frame is ready for modular expansion (can be stacked on top of each other), so it is space-saving, but it is also...

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Reference: 080-243

Brand: Shelly

Shelly 2.5 for Apple HomeKit

Shelly 2.5 has many uses, either as a double switch for appliances or lights, or for controlling shutters with DC or AC power. With such small dimensions it is a handy helper that easily hides in a smaller space. It can be operated manually or automatically via Apple HomeKit.

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AQARA TVOC Air Quality Monitor - Zigbee air quality sensor


Sensor, measures temperature, humidity and the presence of volatile organic compounds in the air, support for smart home automation, the battery lasts up to two years, uses ZigBee 3.0 technology, for proper operation it is necessary to connect to the central unit.

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AQARA TVOC Air Quality Monitor - Zigbee air quality sensor

The Aqara air monitor detects TVOC, temperature and humidity in the home. VOCs are volatile organic compounds in the air, which are formed, for example, during cooking, frying, coatings, adhesives, furniture, flooring materials, carpets, cosmetics, etc. TVOC is a collection of substances in the monitored area.

Aqara Hub is required for it to work, allowing you to connect your device to a smart home and connect it to other smart things. You can then create various automations and scenes based on data from sensors. Aqara TVOC not only measures TVOC but also more classic variables such as temperature or humidity.

Key Features:

  • Zigbee 3.0 Protocol: Enjoy the benefits of the fastest, most stable and most energy efficient smart home technology.
  • Triple sensors for multidimensional detection: Built into several chemical sensors developed using advanced electrochemical and semiconductor technology solutions to ensure stability and accuracy. The temperature and humidity compensation algorithm can effectively reduce the effect of environmental change and the reading resolution can be improved to 0.01 mg / m3.
  • Long Standby E Ink Screen: Features an E Ink matrix screen that is similar to paper and protects your eyes.
  • 1 year battery life: Uses very little power and lasts more than 1 year without battery replacement.
  • Magnetic mounting: Multiple placement methods and easy magnetic separation.
  • Smart Automation: With Zigbee 3.0, it can work with other devices through a cloud for cloud and local automation.


  • Model: AAQS-S01
  • White
  • Product dimensions: 41.6 × 76.0 × 14 mm (1.64 * 2.99 * 0.55 inches)
  • Battery: CR2450 × 2
  • Wireless protocols: Zigbee 3.0 IEEE 802.15.4
  • Operating temperature: 0 ° C ~ + 50 ° C (32 ° F ~ 122 ° F)
  • Operating humidity: 0 ~ 95% RH, no condensation
  • TVOC detection range: 0 ~ 25 mg / m3
  • TVOC resolution: 1ppb or 0.01mg / m3
  • Temperature detection range: -20 ~ 60 ° (-4 ~ 140 ° F)
  • Temperature resolution: 0.1?
  • Humidity detection range: 0 ~ 100% RH
  • Humidity resolution: 1%
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