Reference: 079-220

Brand: Shelly

Shelly 1 for Apple HomeKit

Shelly 1 is a miniature WiFi switch with firmware for control within the Apple HomeKit, which, thanks to its size, can easily be installed under a switch or socket in a deeper enclosure.

Price CZK445

Reference: 012-032

Brand: Crypto services s.r.o.

Aluminum frame for mining rig

Attention !! Free shipping over $ 200 does not apply to these designs. Lightweight aluminum frame for 6 - 8 graphics cards, which has a source holder on each side and mounting holes in the middle for mounting an ATX-type motherboard. The frame is ready for modular expansion (can be stacked on top of each other), so it is space-saving, but it is also...

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Reference: 080-243

Brand: Shelly

Shelly 2.5 for Apple HomeKit

Shelly 2.5 has many uses, either as a double switch for appliances or lights, or for controlling shutters with DC or AC power. With such small dimensions it is a handy helper that easily hides in a smaller space. It can be operated manually or automatically via Apple HomeKit.

Price CZK790

Reference: 012-040

Start button + 2x LED

Start button with two LEDs. Easy to setup, just connect the cable into the motherboard, and you can switch on power or reset the motherboard.

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Sonoff Pool Temperature Sensor


You can use the Sonoff TH10 with the DS18B20 waterproof sensor and the Sonoff IP66 box as a device with which you can control the temperature of the water in the pool and at the same time you can switch on any appliance.

Smart Switch WiFi switch with the possibility of measuring temperature and humidity, for remote control of electrical appliances, Amazon Web Services cloud, eWeLink application, voice control using Amazon Echo and Google Assistant.

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Sonoff pool temperature sensor

Sonoff TH10

The intelligent WiFi switch Sonoff TH10 allows you to remotely control electrical appliances or lights. Compared to other Sonoff switches, you can also purchase a Si7021 temperature and humidity sensor or a DS18B20 temperature sensor - according to the measured values, you can then control the relevant appliances such as air conditioning, dehumidifier and more. You can connect up to 10A devices with an output of up to 2200 W. Its control is then ensured by means of the eWeLink mobile application, and of course there is also compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants or with the IFTTT function.

Sonoff DS18B20 

The connectable Sonoff DS18B20 sensor is used to measure the temperature at the installation site. It is connected to the wifi module using a 2.5 mm jack connector. After connecting to the wifi module, it is controlled via an application on a smartphone. The measured temperature is then displayed on the mobile phone. The control works in the form of a Cloud service, which is provided free of charge for the product. It is not necessary to set up your network or have a fixed IP address for the connection.

SONOFF IP66 Waterproof Box

Waterproof holder for Sonoff modules. Both Sonoff Basic and Sonoff TH16 size modules can be mounted. Suitable for places where there is a risk of damage from rain, snow, etc.

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Reference: 089-160

Brand: Sonoff

Sonoff RFR2

The Sonoff RF switch is a version of the Sonoff with a 433.92 MHz RF receiver module inside. This wireless switch can be used in conjunction with an RF remote control that allows you to control appliances indoors. The remote control switch allows users to remotely turn on / off connected devices via EWeLink from anywhere in the world.

Price CZK389

Reference: 089-185

Brand: Sonoff

Sonoff SV

Smart WiFi switch controlled by mobile application eWeLink, time planning and countdown, suitable for example for switching lights, voice control by Amazon Alexa and Google Home, compatible with IFTTT. Power supply 5-24V.

Price CZK275

Reference: 089-196

Brand: Sonoff

Sonoff Slampher

The Sonoff Slampher Wi-Fi socket makes every luminaire, every lamp a smart lighting. Just screwed between the existing socket and the bulb and can control the lighting remotely over the Internet and locally, using the 433Mhz controller.

Price CZK499

Reference: 043-256

Brand: Sonoff

Sonoff T1 EU touch wall switch

The Sonoff T1 is available in 1 to 3 channel switch versions. All switches can be controlled remotely using a telephone, and the devices connected to the switches can operate independently. Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Now, which lets you turn your device on or off with a voice command, ideal for those who need to do many chores at the same time.

Price CZK599

Reference: 090-261

Brand: Sonoff

Sonoff 4CH PRO R3

The Sonoff 4CH PRO R3 is a 4 channel WiFi switch that can also be set as a 1-16 second timer. This can be used as a pulse switch to switch the output for a specified time. It is also equipped with 433 MHz, which also allows remote control. Can be easily mounted on a DIN rail.

Price CZK1,190
Not in stock

Reference: 049-264

Brand: Sonoff

Sonoff TH16 for Apple HomeKit

Sonoff TH16 is a switch that can monitor and adjust the temperature via Apple HomeKit. The Sonoff TH supports output switching of up to 16 A.Supports a preset temperature range when the ambient temperature drops or rises to the set range, automatically turns on or off the connected device. TH16 for Apple HomeKit is only compatible with Si7021 and DS18B20...

Price CZK509
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Immax NEO LITE Smart zavlažovací systém dvojitý, WiFi

Sada na zavlažování IP54, plány zavlažování v app, detekce spotřeby, režim zavlažování a mlžení, aplikace Immax NEO PRO v češtině a dalších 60 jazycích kompatibilní s iOS, Android, s hlasovými asistenty Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri zkratky, Google Assistant a dále se systémy TUYA, LIDL

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Sonoff bazénové teplotní čidlo pro Apple HomeKit

Sonoff TH10 s voděodolným čidlem DS18B20 a krabičkou Sonoff IP66 můžete využít jako zařízení, se kterým budete kontrolovat teplotu vody v bazénu a zároveň můžete spínat jakýkoliv spotřebič. Sonoff TH10 je spínač, který umí prostřednictvím aplikace Apple HomeKit sledovat a nastavovat teplotu.

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